The Village

Mawun Mud Village has a very strong community spirit and, as some of the first foreigners in the area, we have tried our best to foster a harmonious relationship with the local community. The retreat was constructed by the local villagers in an attempt to find common ground between local skills and resources, permaculture concepts and modern, high-end design. More than 80% of materials are also from the local village or nearby areas. We collaborate with the locals in producing the majority of our products for sale in the shop, and purchase additional fruit and vegetables from the area. We also have a workshop space on site where we teach local children art and English, as well as brainstorming other economic ventures.

Our location

Mawun Mud Village is nestled in the mountains between Mawun beach and the world class surfing beach, Mawi, in south Lombok.

Our restaurant

When our restaurant is completed our menu will be based upon the seasonal fruits and vegetables that come directly from our gardens. We aim to produce the majority of our ingredients on site. This will be supplemented by produce sourced from the local village and in some cases nearby towns.


Our edible gardens comprise of banana trees, papaya trees, moringa, mango trees, coconut trees, lime trees, and many more tropical fruits and seasonal vegetables. We aim to grow the majority of the produce in our restaurant on site, and each of our rooms has its own small edible garden.


Coming soon


Our shop is under construction and, when completed, will sell many of the items and soft furnishings that we have designed for the retreat. All of our products are made locally within the community. We provide the rooms with natural soaps, and loofah sponges, which are grown on the property, and these are also available to purchase as souvenirs from your stay.