About Us

Mawun mud village is an eco-retreat and learning hub dedicated to holistic living and ecologically regenerative design and construction. It is a sacred space, harmoniously nestled within the mountains of Lombok. Here, people can experience living holistically within nature. The space is composed as a passive, ecological system, with earthen structures that are attuned to surrounding gardens and foliage that are attuned to the rhythms of human activity here.

People who spend time here come to understand themselves as part of nature and not separate from it. Guests notice increased vitality, health and well being within their own lives as they reconnect with nature, and thereby themselves

Mawun Mud Village is part of Wild Sensoria, a company that designs and builds homes and interiors, eco-resorts, community spaces and urban villages. Find out more by clicking on the link bellow.



We wish to live in balance with the earth and all living beings, and we strive to create the change we wish to see in the world. We believe that nothing short of an absolute shift in the way we live and build is required in today’s environmental climate.

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Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by nature, rhizome formations, spores, the interconnection of living organisms space and life itself