Feel free to select any course or residency you like. We will contact you briefly in order to give you additional details.


The immersive nature of our residencies provides a truly life-changing experience. It is unique in that every day you are living what you learn. Being present for an extended time will endow you with the language, understanding, and practice to carry forth into the next stage of your life.


Residencies run at set periods throughout the year, here’s a calendar with our existing course dates

Ecological house design and bio pool construction (17th July – 11th August)

Deep ecology (4th September – 25th September)

Permaculture design course (16th October – 31st October)

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Daily courses

Workshops are usually half days and take place year-round. They are recommended for short-term visitors who are on holiday and wish to spend some time learning or enriching a particular practice.


Please be mindful that daily courses will not run on the following dates due to residencies taking place

17th July – 11th August

4th September – 25th September

16th October – 31st October

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