Mawun Mud Village is an Eco-Retreat and Learning Hub in South Lombok, Indonesia, dedicated to holistic living and ecologically regenerative design and construction.

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This property redefines what it means to be truly sustainable. It is designed and built in line with permaculture and deep ecology principles, by a visionary international designer who has been featured in Vogue Interiors, South China Morning Post, and the Wall Street Journal amongst other publications.



To create a space in which guests can truly experience living in synergy with nature, to experience a new paradigm of living ecologically.

To create an alternative tourism model, whereby guests are contributing far more to the local community than conventional mass tourism.

To create a retreat and learning centre, where workshops both daily and longer can be held to teach guests about eco-construction, permaculture, deep ecology and all facets of holistic living.

The land consists of 40 aras (4000m2) and is easily accessible from the main road, between Mawun and Tampa beach, South Lombok. It is just 20 minutes outside of Lombok’s most popular beach, Kuta and only 30 minutes to the International Airport. It already has a 50 metre deep well, electricity and Wi-Fi.




“The Hopi House”dormitory- sleeps 12 people. It is built
from mud brick, with natural plasters. These bricks were made directly from the ground in which the dormitory is situated.

There are 3 rooms which each sleep 4 people, with bunk beds made from jungle bamboo, teak wood and jungle vine, which has been personally collected from the jungle (with videos to show). The floors are made from cow dung and limestone. The retaining wall is made from upcycled tyres in the style of “earthships.”




“The Nest” is a small, cozy and romantic house with large vegetable gardens. It sleeps 2 indoors, and an additional 2 on the open air baruga, (if desired). It comes with open air kitchen, outdoor bathroom, large outdoor patio area, and medicinal herb garden.


This is a wooden structure on stilts constructed in the traditional method (without nails). It is made from reclaimed wood, sustainable palm and has a grass roof, in the style of a local Sasak rice barn. It has expansive 360 degree mountain views. It comes fully furnished.




“Villa Cashew” rests on 1.5 aras of land. It is constructed from mud brick, with natural plasters and a grass roof in the local style. It has 4 metre tall ceilings, an outdoor bathroom, with grey-water recycling, rainwater collection, and bio composting toilet.


Cashew nut trees, papaya trees, and banana trees are some of the trees surrounding the villa. Double glass doors open up onto a front patio (with plans for a natural eco- plunge pool) and palm tree views.




“Villa Bamboo” is similar to villa cashew and sits on 1.5 ara of land. It is not yet completed, making this the perfect introductory project for either guests of Mawun Mud Village to learn and build, or for the new owners to begin to put their own stamp on the village.




“The Who House” is a small wooden house with balcony, constructed from reclaimed wood from old houses and old boat wood.



• No excavators were used. This prevented any trauma to the soil. This meant pristine respect for the thousands of ecosystems living in the soil and working in synergy with the natural contours of the land. Deep ecology and permaculture principles were followed.


• The land was cleared gradually so as to maintain ecological balance and prevent erosion in this mountainous area. Hundreds of trees were planted on the land, and bio diversity was increased at least ten fold.


• Garden terraces have been created throughout the property so that the retreat can be self sufficient in fruit and vegetables in the near future. Mangos, avocados, cashews, starfruit, guava, bananas, papayas, dragon fruit, jackfruit and moringa are some of the varieties. Pineapples, and passionfruit will soon be ready to harvest.


• These terraced garden beds have been cultivated over a period of 3 years, nourished with EM ( organic fertiliser) and protected from the harsh sun through continuous mulching. Bat manure from the caves as well as cow manure and homemade compost have also been consistently added to the soil.


Indonesia expects to receive 20 million tourists by 2019. Lombok has the fastest growing tourism market in the region.


Development of the island in recent years has sped up with the new international airport, helping to increase arrivals and both private and government-backed resort projects, some of which are already open for business. This provides a unique window of opportunity for investors to buy into a market that is on a steep upward curve, yet remains exclusive and available with an unbelievable value.


The Indonesian government is finally realizing Lombok’s huge potential, promoting the Island to become Indonesia’s primary tourist destination.


Strategic Location – The island, considered in the top 5 emerging investment spots in Asia since 2015 by property report, is strategically located near the tourism epicenters, Bali and Komodo Island, and is blessed with spectacular natural beauty. Its beaches are considerably less crowded and more pristine and tranquil than those of its neighboring sister, and its volcano Mount Rinjani, the second highest in Indonesia, is considered by many as one of the most beautiful volcanoes on the planet.


Ecotourism Destination -The unprecedented level of growth is mostly attributable to the island’s increasing popularity as an alternative holiday destination to Bali. As Bali faces challenges of oversupply and soaring land costs, investors are turning to Lombok as an attractive alternative site for land and property investments.



Mawun Mud Village (Mawun Mud House PT) is a legally registered company in Indonesia and is the sole landowner. Within this purchase, buyers will enjoy the benefits of a simple change of names of ownership for both business registration and land ownership deeds. A process which is otherwise a difficult and lengthy one in Indonesia.


All other financial and legal information is available upon request and we welcome you to come visit us at Mawun Mud Village at anytime.


Thank you for sharing our Mawun Mud Village experience with us. We welcome all of your queries at newtonconcepts.hk@gmail.com or the agent that was kind enough to direct you our way.